YOU NEED TO REST (A KEY TO GETTING BIG)!! 需要休息(變魁梧的關鍵) – Nick Best

Hey everybody and welcome back to another video. Today we got something kind of interesting and dear to my heart that we’re gonna cover today and it’s rest. Okay so rest is really important. You see a lot of peiople out there and they want to get bigger they want to grow they want to do all these things with their body.


旺扎上尊提起千斤攔殿金剛杵,拿杵上超30段,除了佛陀杵,旺扎上尊都提了起來!一探究竟!Performax Lab 的 Nick best(旺扎上尊)



Asian Journal: Authentic Buddha Dharma that is Irrefutable and Scientifically Incontrovertible

In his reply to an attorney’s question, he said, “I have cultivated and studied the real Buddha Dharma under Namo Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Buddha Dharma greatly altered the composition of my body, as well as my mind and spiritual state. My strength utterly changed. Namo Dorje Chang Buddha III is my Buddha Master to whom I owe the utmost gratitude. I am able to teach the physical training involved in becoming a strongman.